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Why You Choose iTechlance?

Top Professionals at Work
iTechlance always employs the best architectural draftsmen, GIS and CAD engineers and 3D visualizers in the region after thoroughly screening them for their skills, professionalism and dedication. That's why our workforce works efficiently and delivers accurate results all the time. We also conduct training and development programs regularly to keep our employees updated with the latest technologies and happenings in the industry.

With us, understanding the requirements of our clients takes priority over anything else because it becomes difficult to serve you in the best manner without having a clear idea of what you need.

Meeting the Deadline Always
Time is valuable to us. No company can prosper without utilizing time properly. We prepare a detailed schedule before starting any project and comply with it 100% till the very end. Due to our systematic work, we always meet the deadline and even beat it on several occasions. You can get all the deliverables matching your required specifications on time. We're well aware that late delivery means losing the trust of the client who will never return or recommend us to others.

Prices That Suit Your Budget
Our pricing is very competitive and in sync with the prevalent rates in the global market. We even offer discounts to our customers from time to time to keep them coming back in the future. You can deal with us confidently as we never resort to any hidden charges. Everything is crystal clear. We're certain that our prices will suit your budget. Talk to us regarding pricing today!
N.B.: We may charge 50% of the payment before the start of the project and the rest 50% once the project is over.

PayPal Verified
iTechlance is PayPal verified and a registered company in India. There is no doubt about our identity since we've successfully completed PayPal's verification system. This means all our clients can have peace of mind while performing financial transactions with us. We're 100% safe and trustworthy.

We Create Happy Customers
For us, there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. From top-quality, accurate GIS/CAD/3D visualization solutions to affordable prices and dedicated customer service, we strive to make our clients happy in every manner possible. We know a satisfied client brings us more referrals and more projects. So, we don't want to miss this opportunity!

We'll never do anything without consulting you first. Your project will be executed according to your specifications and suggestions only. And, our collaboration will lead to supreme quality solutions that take your business forward.

Nonstop & Dedicated Customer Support
Our customer support system is available round the clock. You can reach us via different communication channels like phone, email, and Skype. Our friendly customer service representatives provide the best answers to your queries at the earliest. One more distinguishing feature of our customer support is we keep serving you even after the completion of the project. You can contact us for clarification and fine-tuning any issue that may arise later.

iTechlance gives you many reasons to hire it. So, get associated with us and experience the difference!
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